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 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

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Paige Hull

We're so excited to announce that we will be participating in the Las Vegas Market as panelists for the Feels Like Home: Designing For a Lifestyle panel! The panel is in conjunction with Round Top Texas Life & Style, and will be moderated by our friends Katie and Lorie, who also founded the Round Top Register. 

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Paige Hull

A couple of weeks ago, we had the privilege of hosting a photo shoot for a wonderful organization called the IF:Gathering. If you haven't heard of them before, IF:Gathering's vision is to "gather, equip and unleash women to live out their calling by creating tools and resources for the local church and the women they serve." 

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Paige Hull

We can't believe our Business, Branding & Social Media workshop has come and gone already! We, along with our staff, spent countless hours preparing for this wonderful event, and Smoot and I couldn't have asked for a better day! 

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Paige Hull

We're so excited to announce our second round of featured panelists today! We've already announced our first two panelists, Jordan Breal, Senior Editor at Texas Monthly, and Travis Weaver, Owner of Manready Mercantile, who you can read about in our first Business, Branding, & Social Media Workshop blog post.

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Paige Hull

We are so excited to announce that we are hosting our second event in the RVT Workshop Series! We hosted our first workshop last spring called Connect + Collaborate + Cultivate that focused on growing your brand on social media and navigating social media platforms. This year's theme is Business, Branding, and Social Media, and the event will take place on Saturday, March 25. Expect to hear inspirational stories from special guests, learn practical and actionable business tips from Paige and Smoot, network with other creatives, and gain a deeper understanding of how to grow your audience and brand. 

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Along with a fantastic morning of learning and networking, this is also an opportunity to see the new Boho cottage! We've built this new cottage as a way to host intimate events and retreats, so we're super excited to host the inaugural event in the new space!

Photos from Connect + Collaborate + Cultivate

What You'll Learn:

  • The importance of finding your "Why" and how your "Purpose" is absolutely critical to your success
  • How to turn "likes" into "love"and why you must "give" before you "receive" on social media
  • The proven steps to building a great brand and why failure is essential to your overall success   
  • Hear the inspirational stories of how the guest speakers turned their dreams into reality
  • How to connect to Influencers in your industry and how to cross promote your brand 
  • Collaborative discussions with the guest speakers…plus plenty of Q&A time 


What: RVT Business, Branding, & Social Media Workshop
When: March 25, 2017, 9:30am - 12:30pm
Who: Small Business Owners, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing/Sales Employees, or anyone else interested in these topics!
Where: The Vintage Round Top, 1450 N. Hwy 237 Round Top, Texas 78954

Meet the Panelists:


Jordan Breal, Senior Editor at Texas Monthly

A senior editor at Texas Monthly, Jordan Breal is based in Austin, but as the magazine's resident travel writer she spends most of her time on the road. And while she has stayed at more than a hundred hotels and B&Bs across the state, she has lost count of the number of slices of pie she's eaten in small towns. Her work has also appeared in AFARNational Geographic Traveler, and Southern Living, among other publications, and she recently coauthored Wildsam Field Guides: San Antonio


Travis Weaver, Owner of Manready Mercantile

Beginning in 2012, out of a small apartment in Houston, Travis Weaver started Manready Mercantile by making soy candles in reusable whiskey glasses and selling them door-to-door to local businesses. He hit every little market possible and continued to add small batch apothecary items creating a collection of all-natural products. Word of his endeavors traveled and his story gained international attention. Travis’ vision has always been to show the world you really can start from nothing and anyone can change their stars. You’ve gotta work hard. Work smart. Be honest. And support your community. If you take the right steps and push through it all, greatness will happen! Folks, the American Dream is alive and flourishing - Manready Mercantile is proof! "Work Hard, Live Well" - T.S. Weaver

Testimonials From Past Participants:

"What better way to connect, collaborate, listen, and learn from people who are experienced in small business growth." - Mark N.

"I think the biggest thing I learned was to tell a story that's authentic to my brand. That's something my brand has struggled with, but after today I know exactly how I want to tell my brand's story and exactly what I want to say." - Tara T.

"One thing I learned today is to live with intention. There's got to be a 'why' behind what you're doing, and when you know the 'why' it's really easy to move forward in your business and branding." - Kristen P.

 A light brunch and refreshments will be served, and a swag bag full of great gifts will be included! We're super excited about these two crazy talented speakers and will be revealing more panelists in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Video by Tripp Films

Connect + Collaborate + Cultivate Photos 1-3 by Natalie Lacy Lange

Panelist Photos Courtesy of the Panelists