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1450 North Hwy 237
Round Top, Tx 77429


 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

Round Top Antique Weekend Shows

Our Favorite Shows
Our Favorite Venues and Shows during Round Top Antiques Week

The title "Antiques Week" has stuck but is no longer fitting as the shows have now expanded to encompass three weekends and two full weeks. Not all of the shows open at the same time, so a great source to check each show schedule is Round Top Chamber of Commerce, Round Top Register and Antique Weekend

There are endless shopping opportunities with up to 2,500 dealers on a 20 mile stretch in Round Top (mainly on Hwy 237 north and south of Round Top). Below, we'll highlight some of our favorite shows for you! Not to say we don't shop others or that this list may change from time to time, but for our style - these are our go-to shows. 


Market Hill

Recycling the Past

Blue Hills

The Compound

La Bahia

Bill Moore

Junk Gypsy's

Rodeo Royalty Road Show

The Rendezvous

Arbor Antiques

Chelsea's Meadow


The largest of all of the shows is hosted in the town of Warrenton, and has many smaller venues. Some of our favorites are: 


Campbell Building


Bar W

Zapp Hall

Renck Hall

If we've missed a great show that you like, we'd love to hear from you! Otherwise, we hope this list will help when you get the opportunity to shop one of the best Antique Shows in the country! Remember to note, all of the show/venues are independent from one another and start at different times. A few good resources to view when each show starts is the Chamber of Commerce and