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 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

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Paige Hull

We’re working tirelessly behind the scenes to prep for our fall Business, Branding & Social Media Workshop that’s just a few weeks away. This time of year is full of so much anticipation — for the Round Top antique show, the official start of ‘fall’ (we’re still waiting on that here in Austin!), and of course our workshop. Getting to share the magic of Round Top with our guests and attendees is an incredible perk of our business, so we were excited that Southern Living Magazine shared their take on our sweet town in a jam-packed 10-page article in their September issue! The national exposure is sure to let so many more people know how special this town really is.  

The Vintage Round Top in Southern Living Magazine

We were honored to be mentioned as one of the best places to stay along side our friends at Flophouze and Rancho Pillow. It's still so surreal to see our labor of love in magazines. It's something we do not take for granted and feel extremely blessed by. Had you told us seven years ago (when we started), that we'd be having all of these amazing experiences, we would not have believed you. But, now that we are, we feel really proud and appreciative!      

The article goes into depth about all the personalities, events, and fun to be had twice a year during the fair. Zoe Gowen, the Senior Editor, spent some time with us over a year ago while shooting our space for the feature. She and photographer Wynn Meyers were such a joy to work with. The new issue is definitely worth grabbing a copy -- look for Jennifer Garner on the cover. 

If you are heading our way for the show, you can also check out our Guide to Round Top Antiques Week with our favorite restaurants, shows, and insider tips on parking, what to wear, and how to get all your beautiful new treasures back home! 

If you can't make it during the show, check out our Year-Round Guide to Round Top. It's slower paced, but still has so much to offer!