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We love the antiques business for so many reasons. The main one being the stories behind the merchandise we buy and sell. We've always felt the souls of those that either made or owned vintage pieces are past down as well. So, when we had a chance to buy a large lot of items from the Shudde Bros Hat Co., we couldn't wait to find out their story. 

We're so excited to bring these last items from Shudde Bros. to our customers. This collection includes pieces from their historic location and were purchased from the auction to clear out the space. These items are near-and-dear to our hearts and we are beyond excited to continue sharing the Shudde Bros. story.       

We sold most of our Shudde Bros. inventory at Marburger during Round Top Antiques Week a few years ago, including all of the hats below. Scroll down to snag the last remaining items from the auction and hold onto a piece of American history! 


The Shudde Family Story:  

The Shudde family moved to Houston in 1901 from Carmine, Texas, only seven miles from The Vintage Round Top. Al Shudde, the founder and patriarch of Shudde Bros., began his journey as a business owner as a teenager. The doors opened in 1907 with their opening location being in downtown Houston. As the business continued to grow, Al's brothers joined the force and built a new factory building next door to the orginal homestead on Trinity. Both the store front and the adjacent factory operated in Houston for 100 years to the day before being dismantled piece-by-piece. 

Some of the pieces were to be used in other vintage homes while the remnants were left for auction. Frozen in time just like it was 1914 all over again when you walked through those doors. Workbenches left silent and waiting for their next duty. Dusty fedoras and wide brimmed hats waiting for customers that would never come. (The spiral staircase was sold to a local architect and hauled out still intact.)

On June 30, 2007, Shudde Bros. Hatters was donated to Brookwood and relocated to Brookshire, Texas, to become a hattery with a mission benefitting the adults with disabilities at Brookwood. All proceeds from Shudde Bros. Hatters help provide for the disabled adults at The Brookwood Community.

Click the photos below to shop each item.

Hat Repair Tickets

$8 | Set of vintage hat repair tickets from Schudde's Southern Hat Company. Dated around 1931. Dimensions of tickets: 3.5 in x 7.5 in, approx. Each ticket includes handwritten notes, stamps, and are 100% unique.

Thread Spools

$9 | A set of 3 black American Thread Co. spools or 3 army green American Thread Co. spools that came from the Schudde Bro Hat company in Houston, Texas. Spools are unused and coloring is vibrant and pristine.

Stamps (Set of 4)

$24 | A set of 4 vintage stamps that came from the Shudde Bro offices.

Stamp wording includes: DISCOUNT, divided payment, CREDIT, and an original Shudde Brothers logo stamp.

Paper Measuring Reels

$12 | These paper measuring reels from the Shudde Bros Hat company must be full of stories to tell. Add these to your favorite metal basket for your coffee table and let them speak for themselves.

Ink Bottles (

set of 2)

$16 | A set of bottles from the Shudde Bro. Both are in vintage condition and show signs of aging which only adds to their unique character.

Bottles Include: CARTER’S Black Stamp Pad Ink and MASCO Cleaning Powder