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Paige Hull

We attended the opening of Lori Vrba's art installation and book signing at Catherine Couturier's Gallery in Houston last night. I met Lori through Becki Griffin of Curious Details. They've been best friends since they were 15 years old.

The gallery description reads: The Moth Wing Diaries is a photographic narrative with themes of memory, loss, providence and revival.  Vrba's work explores her sense of conflict and ultimate peace within the Southern landscape.  Her connection to the earth is evident, as is her femininity.  The word romantic in this monograph is reconsidered as not so saccharin-sweet, but mystical, intelligent and boldly vulnerable.   Photo above:  Holly Mathis 

Lori shoots with a Hasselblad camera and uses a darkroom in her basement in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. No digital, no Photoshop, just "old school" photography that she taught herself. Her "artist" story was hand written on a metal tray at the sign in table. 


Lori spoke about her career that was started late in life, just like mine. Her story was interesting, emotional, and inspiring. I could relate deeply to her story and love/passion for her chosen art form.   


One of Smoot's and my goals is to expose the kids to as much art and culture as possible. At 10 and 12, they are pretty good sports and enjoy getting to see new things and meet new people.  


It was great to see the beautiful Holly Mathis and Becki Griffin there. Wish we could have stayed longer to really visit, but those same 10 and 12 years old's have limits to their exposure. 

The Gallery is gorgeous and is owned by our friend Catherine Couturier. The show is running through August 31, so do yourself a favor and go by to take in the emotional, creative, and brilliant work called, "The Moth Wing Diaries". Lori's book can be purchased at the Gallery or here online and from Lori's site, here.