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Paige Hull

We promised a holiday prop tutorial in our “A Very Swedish Christmas” post last week, and it’s time to deliver! If you’ve been following along for the last couple weeks then, like us, you’ve been anticipating this paper star tutorial by Becki Griffin of Curious Details. Do they look familiar? These beauties were used in vignettes all around The Vintage Round Top in our recent Swedish Style Holiday shoot with Kerry Kirk Photography. They were just perfect as a neutral and understated (but undeniably lovely) element to the styling.

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Wrapping Station Close Up.jpg

We couldn’t get over how EASY these were to achieve and Becki makes it looks like a breeze in her video tutorial (above.) With just a few supplies and a small amount of time, you’ll be seeing stars in your home this holiday by following these simple steps!

Glue three bags together then cut to a point and set aside.
Next, glue four bags together and cut to a point.
Doing this in two small batches makes it easier to cut. They don’t have to match perfectly, mine never do and the results are beautiful.
Next, glue the two stacks of bags together and unfold. Punch a small hole in one of the star tips to hang with string or wire.


That’s it! - We told you, EASY! Make the look your own by using paper or craft bags of varying sizes, prints or colors. Or even turn your star into a snowflake by cutting little triangle sized slits into the edges of your craft bag! This would even be the perfect activity for a holiday party, or a fun family night in - either way we can’t wait to see how your stars turn out. Share them with us on social media using the hashtag #rvtswedishstyle @thevintageroundtop @curiousdetails.

Becki Griffin’s Home Office

Becki Griffin’s Home Office

Paper Star image by: Becki Griffin

Paper Star image by: Becki Griffin

*Unless noted, all photography was done by Kerry Kirk Photo