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1450 North Hwy 237
Round Top, Tx 77429


 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

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Paige Hull


As Smoot and I prepare for the workshop, we wanted to give you a little background on us and our story.

The Vintage Round Top began six years ago on a casual drive through the country with our three kids and has grown into an online antique shop, home goods line, event curation and two boutique home rentals that encompasses an event space.  Back in 2011 we stopped to have lunch in Round Top at Royer’s Café.  Bud, the owner gave us some sage advice. He said, the difference between the people who just talk about their plans versus the ones who act on them…are the ones that act, “live with intention.” We took that advice to heart, made it our family motto and never looked back.  

Our previous careers as a model/talent agent and night club/restaurant owner helped shape the Modern Vintage Style we created initially in our vacation home rental and then in our lifestyle brand. It's a mixture of clean lines and vintage touches. It has an uncluttered aesthetic and clean color palette that appeals to both sexes.

Live with intention.



And that brings us to the here and now.  We would be remiss to not mention how much Instagram has contributed to our business.  It, more than anything, connects us to likeminded businesses and creatives. We were uncertain of where this road would lead, but we knew we wanted to make a space where people could connect and collaborate.  The workshops are an amalgamation of just that, creative people sharing their knowledge in an inspiring space.

We know the transformative knowledge that our panelists possess regarding social media and business can help people turn a passion into a career. Something about listening to people talk about their purpose and share their stories inspires us to get moving and take the first step. It is, quite literally, where the future of business is headed and we take pride in the fact that we are facilitating that growth.  Our goal is to make it approachable, accessible and to ultimately help our workshop attendees take their businesses to the next step.