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The Round Top Chamber of Commerce Gala Honoring Emma Lee Turney

Photos courtesy of David Stall


Bud Royer, Emma Lee Turney

Round Top Magic...

The Vintage Round Top was recently involved with the Round Top Chamber of Commerce Gala honoring Emma Lee Turney. What started out as an informal offer to help Tara Royer-Steele, the gala chairperson, became a role as part of the gala committee. At the time, we did not know the impact this opportunity to serve our new community would make on us. Throughout the meetings, set up and execution of the event, it brought new friendships, enriched existing ones, and provided insights as to how this magical town of Round Top came to be.


Emma Lee Turney, Danny Riebling


Frank Hillbolt


Canvas painted by Deb Taylor

Emma Lee Turney is…frankly how the magic of the Round Top Antique Market got its start. She was a true pioneer. I never knew the history of Round Top before. While pinning articles to the wall for an homage area at the Rifle Hall, I read the amazing story of this town that we have come to love.

To think had Emma not been approached by Hazel Ledbetter and Faith Bybee to try out a one-day antique vendor tent, most of the business owners, including ourselves, would not exist. 45 years ago she started the first antique fair with 22 dealers and approx 1500 shoppers, with Ima Hogg being first in line. Today there are approx 2500 dealers and some say over 50-75,000 shoppers.  You can see a more detailed article here

Emma's interesting and witty speech at the gala was heart-warming and funny. It was wonderful to see a lifetime of passionate work be honored.


Our little cowgirl


Rick Steele, Tara Royer-Steele, Rich and Elizabeth Tooley


Our Family

Enriching existing friendships...

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Royer’s over this past year. We have been in awe of their family in so many ways. Their business is run by “family” -- Bud the patriarch still greets his customers one by one as they pass by his “throne” at the threshold of the restaurant. Tara, the Queen of the business, her husband Rick, brothers JB, Todd, and Micah along with their staff all work as a cohesive unit that produce amazing results. Beyond the success of their business, they also have huge hearts. Their most recent project served the devastated residents that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can read more about it at:

Tara did an amazing job of chairing this event. Her creativity and drive proved to be a winning combination. I got to see first-hand why this dynamo of a woman is so successful! We feel blessed to call she and her family our friends.


Emma with the The Round Top Chamber Board


Bud Royer, Kathy Orr


Marianne Hambrick, Linda Stall


Live Auction


The youngest Junk Gypsy starts early!


Our cowboy and cowgirl!

New friendships...

Smoot and I met some really wonderful people at the gala and throughout the gala committee process. We determined that we know more people in Round Top, Texas after one year than we do in Houston after thirty years.  It is truly a magical place where people have the spirit of “if I help you and you help me, we will all do well and Round Top will thrive”.  The town is mixed with locals and transplants that have chosen to settle here or at least spend their weekends here. Many artist types, creative people, generous hearts, kindred spirits, and (did I mention) creative people?

So, I called this post “Feels Like Family”. What a blessing for our family to have stumbled onto this piece of paradise. I thank God every day for this opportunity!  We hope that if you have not experienced Round Top yet, that you will someday soon. For those that have, we hope you will visit again and again!