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Paige Hull


We’re still receiving so much positive feedback on last month’s Women of Today x The Vintage Round Top Social Media Marketing Workshop weekend! We’ve already shared a behind-the-scenes look at the media dinner, including clips of Andy Grammer’s special acoustic performance and Bar Rescue mixologist Rob Floyd’s spicy margarita recipe.

This time, we’d like to showcase the talents of Valerie Wolf, the creative mind behind Austin-based floral design company Davy Gray. Read on to learn how Valerie created the gorgeous floralscapes for our event—and how you can apply her creative approach to your next dinner party.



When approaching a floral design project, Valerie prefers to take a holistic view of the event’s location that goes beyond the flowers themselves. “For me, it's about creating experiences through the use of natural materials in an artistic and innovative way,” she says. In the early design stages, Valerie listens to clients’ “big-picture” vision for the whole event, drawing inspiration from key descriptors that capture the look and feel they hope to achieve.

For the Women of Today x The Vintage Round Top media dinner, the Davy Gray team began with a richly detailed original concept from our co-host Camila Alves McConaughey–"a luxurious and intimate gathering that had the power to transport guests to a European style alfresco dining experience.” Designing tablescape florals for an ultra-long banquet table presented a challenge, however: making sure every guest can enjoy an equally rich and engaging vantage point.


Using Camila’s concept of lush moss as a foundation, “I ran with the idea of creating what felt like intricate fairy gardens, with lots of playful moments to discover from every angle,” says Valerie. Guided by the fresh, delicate florals of the season, Valerie incorporated on “elegant springtime accents” like sweet pea, orchids, fringed tulips, and blooming branches alongside dramatic, feminine delphinium and several varieties of ferns and moss to create a series of whimsical centerpieces that ran the entire length of the table.

 The light, airy vibe of the tabletop floralscape was then juxtaposed with “a massive canopy of overgrown forest suspended high above the dinner below.” The resulting look created the feeling of a dinner party in a lush woodland clearing, with understated details in every direction. The vignette-style centerpieces also allowed for easy reuse after the table was broken down. We decked out the Boho cottage’s windowsills with them for the following day’s Social Media Marketing Workshop!

If you’re planning an event in the greater Austin, TX area and looking for some show-stopping florals, check out Davy Gray’s portfolio to see how their creative team has executed past clients’ visions.

Looking to create your own version of Davy Gray’s lush aesthetic for your next dinner party? According to Valerie, you often don’t need to look further than your own backyard or neighborhood for ideas. “Let the natural environment guide the overall aesthetic of each unique design,” she says. “Nature is a constant source of inspiration. I stay curious and remain aware of the surroundings where any given piece will exist.”

Davy Gray ’s Valerie Wolf (foreground), pictured with (clockwise from left) Alyssa Hart and Anna Crelia of  Loot , Katie Nopola of  Davy Gray , Camila Alves McConaughey of  Women of Today , and me.

Davy Gray’s Valerie Wolf (foreground), pictured with (clockwise from left) Alyssa Hart and Anna Crelia of Loot, Katie Nopola of Davy Gray, Camila Alves McConaughey of Women of Today, and me.


Photography by Haylei Smith

Table top and seating products and styling provided by Loot.

Special thanks to Women of Today by Camila Alves McConaughey.