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Paige Hull

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

First and foremost we have to thank the Grand at Moon Palace for partnering with us on this amazing vacation.  We loved every minute and cannot wait to go back! 

When Smoot hit the web to research our long overdue family vacation we had a few requirements:  it had to be less than a four hour flight away, have activities for our two teenagers, have varied dining options (vegetarian, picky teenagers, healthy options) and be centrally located for multiple excursions and adventures.  

The Grand at Moon Palace had just opened and was the antidote to our "where to go" dilemma.  The booking process was a breeze and the kids were excited to go.  After many trips with our kids, we have found a little preparation goes a long way.  Even though they are older now, we still get bombarded with the "I'm bored" and "are we there yet" queries that inevitably accompany traveling with anyone that is too young to partake in pre-flight cocktails.  

Taking a family trip to the book store or target is our pre-trip routine.  They each get to pick out a few magazines or a new book in addition to another small treat that can easily fit into their carry on luggage. They don't get to dig in until we are on the plane and it seems to give them something to look forward to and helps assuage the travel jitters.  We also encourage travel journaling.  They write funny stories, draw pictures or doodle.  A little throw back to Smoot and I's generation of analog everything and having to entertain yourself. 

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

We loved loved relaxing under the beachside palapas at the accompanied Moon Palace resort. 

Upon arrival at The Grand, we were blown away. It was opulent, swanky and downright luxurious.  They have accommodations for all travel parties - from family suites to swim up rooms, they seriously have it all.  We got settled and began relaxing.  

Smoot and I have a hard time turning off our "working" brains.  We both love to gather inspiration from our travels and with the backyard design in the works for The Vintage Round Top, it was hard not to ask the other what they thought of this water feature or that type of stone walkway.  

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

This covered patio, at The Grand Moon Palace, was one of our favorites. 

We hit the spa one day, sunned by the pool, played in the surf and really spent time together as a family.  One of the benefits to staying at The Grand was the option to explore their other properties located just next door.  The Moon Palace resort was just as beautiful and we loved their pool.  The property is all-inclusive, including 24-hour room service that the kids loved. When we managed to peel ourselves away from the tranquility of the resort, we explored Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, went zip lining and meandered around town.  The Grand was incredibly helpful setting up everything we were interested in, they could not have made it any easier. 

In addition to all the amenities that Smoot and I enjoyed, there were plenty for the kids to partake in.  From the massive Playhouse with an arcade and putt putt golf to a 13+ teen club, the kids had plenty to keep them entertained.  There were also separate stations with kid-friendly food, which allowed the kids to feel included. To top it off, a state of the art Water Park was being completed that looks absolutely amazing!!    

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

The spa bar was so cool - the wall of succulents was my favorite part! 

These hanging chairs greeted you en route to the spa. 

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

The path to our zip lining adventure was idyllic. 

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

Danza de los Voladores or Dance of the Flyers was mesmerizing and one of our favorite experiences.  

Modern Vintage Travel - The Vintage Round Top

Such a beautiful church in Playa del Carmen.  

2017-06-13 18.37.19.jpg

Eisley and Pierce loved exploring the ruins just as much as we did! 

The afternoon light in Tulum was magical. 

At the end of our stay, one thing was certain, we would be back! Unplugging from the every-day craziness that we all have did us wonders and we look forward to our next trip to Moon Palace, maybe next time Jamaica!