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Paige Hull

Modern Vintage style usually doesn't come with a lot of frills so the best way to add it is with jewelry. I personally don't wear much jewelry, but when I do, I like to make a statement with the pieces that I choose. This week's picks are some of my favorite silver rings that are very chic and can be added to any outfit for a touch of Modern Vintage.  

Foxtail Chain Ring from      Macha Jewelry

Foxtail Chain Ring from Macha Jewelry

Some of the most interesting pieces can be found on sites like Etsy where the jewelry is handmade with extreme care and the design is unique to that jewelry maker.

Destiny Wrapped Wide Band in Sterling Silver from      Delias Thompson

Destiny Wrapped Wide Band in Sterling Silver from Delias Thompson

Vertebrae Ring from      SoulMakes

Vertebrae Ring from SoulMakes

Because these rings are so minimal in terms of embellishment, texture is what enhances them and gives each piece just enough to stand out. 

Deco Ring Hallmarked from      Macha Jewelry

Deco Ring Hallmarked from Macha Jewelry

Defenced Ring from      Zuzko

Defenced Ring from Zuzko

Although these rings have that vintage feel, they can be added to any wardrobe and don't worry, if you aren't a ring person, I will be featuring my favorite bracelets, necklaces and more in upcoming Paige's Picks!