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Paige Hull

We could not be more excited about the powerhouse speakers we've lined up for our third workshop. They are:



Striving to provide our attendees with the most beneficial experience possible has been a goal Smoot and I have focused on from the beginning. Evolving the workshops after we receive feedback is essential to staying ahead of the curve and maintaining relevance in this shifting landscape.  Which happens to be one of the points we will touch on, changing with the times and keeping things fresh and exciting. One of the changes we've made for this session is the addition of hands-on, interactive time with the experts. It gives our attendees an opportunity to get even more in-depth knowledge in both branding and social media photography.   

This one day event will begin at 9 am with breakfast and a chance to set your intention for the day. We will begin with a 15-20 minute talk about The Vintage Round Top brand story, our most valuable business tips and how "living with intention" changed our lives. 

Next, Smoot and I will moderate the panel discussion.  Anissa Zajac of @housesevendesign and Maria Lichty of @twopeasandpod will give insights into how they found success, the digital tools they use, their most valued advice and tips of the trade.  The panel will be followed by a light lunch and more connecting.  

By allowing everyone time to socialize, we hope that potential collaborations and friends will be made. Connecting with other like-minded creatives, we have found, always gets the wheels turning.  Talking through a stuck idea, brainstorming new ones, the environment we aspire to create lends itself to positive growth for everyone involved.  

Immediately proceeding lunch, we will divide into two groups and the breakout sessions will commence.  Each lasting one and a half hours, you will get a chance to practice and experience what the experts teach you.  Kadie Smith of Drop Cap Design will walk you through branding; what it is, how to do it and what to do with it. Along with how to identify your message and narrow down your focus to produce amazing content.

Photographer Ashleigh Amoroso will walk you through the steps of styling an image for social media and then how to capture it using your iPhone. She'll share the tools and apps that will get your brand noticed. Since the workshop is all about using the panelists knowledge as it relates to your own business, we ask that you bring a few items that you can utilize during this tutorial, so you leave with an image ready to use! This allows you to feature your own brand and really dig into how to customize these skills for immediate use in your own growth. 

We cannot wait to begin and are so grateful to have such talented women joining us! 

Video of our most recent workshop by Tripp Films. Photos from our previous two workshops by Natalie Lacy Lange.