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Paige Hull


We knew we wanted something unique for the headboards of our Boho Guest Room, and had admired the work of Natural Dyer and Textile Designer, Cara Marie Piazza, for quite some time. I reached out to Cara by email about our vision and interest in collaborating. So, when she responded to hear more about the project, we were thrilled! We immediately hit it off and two weeks later, I was on a plane headed for Brooklyn to bring our vision to life. I wrangled my bestie, Becki Griffin of Curious Details to come along, and we worked with Cara in her amazing loft to create this bespoke fabric for our headboards.     

Cara creates one-of-a-kind pieces through the sole use of natural dyes to produce unique creations each time. Among the products used to create the dyes are botanicals, plant matter, minerals, non-toxic metals and food wastes. Cara then hand dyes each piece of fabric using bundle dying and ancient shibori techniques. Her work is so incredible, and the amount of attention to detail she has is something that aligns well with our hearts.

The Vintage Round Top Boho Collab: Cara Marie Piazza

We hope our story inspires you to reach out to others, however intimidating it can sometimes be. You never know how someone will react to an invitation, but you do know if you don't ask, the answer will assuredly be no. So, seek out people you admire, put yourself out there, and just maybe a collaboration will be born.      

We are truly inspired each time we look at the fabric Cara has created, and it is a testament to the value of careful, loving work that yields beautiful results. Be sure to check out more of Cara's work here and our Q & A with her below! 

The VIntage Round Top Boho Collaboration - Cara Marie Piazza

What’s your favorite band/musical artist?

Right now, Muddy Waters.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Starting my studio.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A witch.

What is your spirit animal?

Probably a raccoon.

When and how did you decide to become a dye/textile artist?

My senior year of college, I found the craft, and when I pulled my first piece of silk out of the copper pot. I was hooked. 

Where do you find inspiration for your work?


The obvious answer here is nature. I think of myself merely as a conduit for her to act through me as a medium. I’m also inspired by artists who explore control and minimal abstraction through their work, Sol Lewitt, Clyfford Still, Agnes Martin, Cy Twombly, and so on. I’m also inspired by esoteric movements, choreographers like Merce Cunningham and gestural drawings and the female form.

What’s your favorite piece that you’ve created thus far?

I love them all! 

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced as an artist and running your own business?

Merging my right and left brain. I am far more left brain inclined. I also like to tease I am completely away with the fairies so I can let my imagination run slightly away with me. Making work that is pragmatic, sustainable and beautiful can be challenging but it’s the challenge that I enjoy most. 

What was your favorite part of creating your dye work for the guest bedroom headboards in Boho?

Working with flowers, linen and translating Paige and Smoot’s inspiration was lovely. I love being given a set of guidelines and being given the freedom to translate my work within those parameters. Patching and sewing the headboards were also so satisfying, I love working with my hands and being able to create something tactile that will take on a life of its own.