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Paige Hull


As some of you know, Smoot and I met fifteen years before we started dating. He owned and operated nightclubs and restaurants in Houston, LA, and Rio. I ran a modeling agency that produced fashion shows and events held in many of his establishments. He has some incredible stories from his years in the industry and shared one of my favorites on facebook about Prince after we learned of his passing:

After long days of dealing with a flooded home I found out Friday morning that Prince passed away.

In 1987 I moved to LA to help open the Stock Exchange Night Club. About one month after we opened, a security guard flagged me down on a Saturday night around midnight and said I was needed at the front door. When I arrived I was directed to a guy wearing a black suit who looked like he was Ray Liotta's older brother.

This was our exchange (true story):

Him: Prince would like to come in the club
Me: From what country?
Me: Sorry, absolutely!!
Him: Please follow me (pointing to purple limo parked across the street)
As we walked past a very large group of people surrounding the entrance he looked back at me and said "Hi, I'm Maury, Prince's driver, what's your name?"
I said "Smoot." We shook hands and arrived at the limo. The rear window lowered and Prince said "Can we come in?" I nodded, and out came Prince in 6-inch white rhinestone encrusted platforms, white suit, cape, matching top hat and a diamond and pearl encrusted white cane.

Following Prince was Sheena Easton (stunning) and Bernie Taupon and his bodyguard (largest human I have ever seen).

We all entered the club where I proceeded to escort them to a private section overlooking the dance floor. I asked Prince what we would like to drink, he replied in a whisper "virgin Pina Colada".

Later that night Liza Minnelli showed up and I proceeded to escort her to a table near Prince, not thinking to much about it. About 45 minutes later I see a very large circle of people on the dance floor and in the middle is Prince and Liza dancing to a medley of Prince songs our DJ was playing in his honor. I just stopped and watched for ten minutes thinking this is surreal!! It was one of those magical nights at Stock Exchange.

From that night forward for about a year I would get periodic phone calls from Maury telling me he was bringing Prince to the club, and to make sure I reserved his favorite table. Maury also insisted I personally come to the limo and walk Prince and his entourage in and escort them to his table. I LOVED getting those phone calls from Maury and the chance to hang with Prince for just a moment. Those were the days!