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Paige Hull

Our children waiting to be rescued by Harris County air boat.

Our children waiting to be rescued by Harris County air boat.

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen that our personal residence in Cypress was one of the thousands in the Houston area that flooded this week. The past few days have been surreal and some of the most difficult in our lives, but we also realize how blessed we are, even in this storm. So many of you have offered encouragement--from prayers and offers to help to advice on what steps to take from some of you who have been in our shoes before. We are eternally grateful.

We're now on to the clean up phase and can't thank our amazing team, Erin and Natalie, for pulling in and keeping our ship running while we handle our task at hand. We've decided to continue our posts about "pretty things" during this time through their help as a way to get back to "normal." We'll also share our journey about getting back on our feet and in our house.  

Our hearts are full of gratitude as we embark on this difficult phase and again thank each and every one that has touched us in some way. We pray for all of the families that have been affected by this storm, as well as our own, to endure its aftermath and to come out stronger!

These are some thoughts and posts I've shared in the last few days.




We're overwhelmed by:

1) The enormity of loss our community is experiencing. The worst being loss of life, which puts our situation into perspective. Our hearts and prayers go out to those families dealing with the unthinkable.

2) The help our immediate family has given us! Without them, this nightmare would be far worse. We are forever grateful for them opening their doors, helping with our children, their physical and financial assistance, and everything in between.

3) The outpouring of heartfelt messages, offers to help, and to those that have already come to our aid. We are humbled to know we have so many caring people in our lives.

4) The lessons learned. Not having flood insurance, like so many, is daunting. We're in a better position than most as we can do a lot of work ourselves, but some are not so lucky. Life will throw you curve balls - grace, faith and family will see you through them.

5) By faith and the hope God will use this situation for the ultimate greater good for our family and all affected. We don't know what that is right now, but have been through struggles in the past that turned out to be blessings in the end that we did not see at that time.




So...we venture onward - one day at a time. Weary from the physical labor and lack of sleep, but energized to get one more day behind us. These are the moments that push us farther than we thought we could go.

Our many heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you that have sent well wishes and offers to lend a hand. Each message has touched us and many came at just the time we needed to hear an encouraging word.

Also, thanks to @1924us for this inspiring poster that hangs in my office. Its message couldn't be more on target.