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 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

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Paige Hull


This photo of our family was taken on the last day of the Country Living shoot. The photographers, Max Kim-Bee and his assistant Kevin, were really patient with us. Having run a modeling agency for 22 years, photo shoots have been a part of my life for a long time. I can tell you that I definitely enjoy being behind the scenes much more than in front of the camera.

Getting five individuals to keep their eyes open, smile, and look at the camera at the same time is challenging. Both Max and Kevin were funny, low key, and very easy to work with. Our friend Tonya Riner was kind enough to make the trek from Houston to do our hair and makeup. She also helped immensely in keeping us all calm.

There is something very surreal about seeing your family in a magazine. Even more so was the mention of our e-commerce site on that same page. We were so grateful for that opportunity. It brought a huge amount of exposure that we could never have received without their stamp of approval. Thank you Country Living Magazine!! 

So now, on with the details...

The dining room is long and narrow, filled with windows - one of our favorite rooms in the house. We wanted a table that could fit at least 10 guests, so we headed out looking for something that was at least 11 feet long. After striking out, we passed a field in Round Top and noticed a long, white, wood piece laying against a tree. We contacted "Hector The Collector", the owner of that property, only to find out that it was a "carny" table top. It had traveled from town to town, literally with a circus. They would put saw horse legs underneath the top and use it to dine on. We ended up cutting a few feet off and added some beautiful vintage legs that were bought from a flea market to make our perfectly fit custom dining table.

Our good friend, Jon Dahl of Jonathan Dahl Woodworks, made the wood bench for us. It too was custom built to fit the size of our table. The shot doesn't show it but we have mixed matched chairs that all came from Round Top flea markets or garage sales.  

The hanging light was hand crafted out of a metal drum and antique wooden arm to hang it from. This is one of the reasons we are in the antique business today, We had so many requests from renters to purchase that light, we thought "why not give the furniture and antique business a shot?"

And then there is our table prop - the cherry pie!! It came from Royer's Pie Haven in the town square. Tara and her father Bud, run the world famous Royer's Round Top Cafe and Royer's Pie Haven. Definitely a place not to miss if you are traveling anywhere near Round Top. The best part is... anyone can enjoy their pies as they ship! Check them out at