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 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

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Paige Hull


Marburger Farms Fall Antique Show 2013

I'm finally posting about our amazing experience at Marburger Farms. We've had so much going on since then. This is the first chance I've had to sit and write about it.

 We were the new kids on the block and were lucky enough to land within a group of vendors that were so kind and supportive. We learned so much from each and every one of them.

Ashley, Tara, and the entire Marburger staff made us feel welcome and were also incredibly helpful and encouraging.

 Marburger Oct 2013 017

Photo credit: Paige Hull


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT MarburgerOct2013_04

Photo credit: Becki Griffin


Photo credit:  Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_06

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

It was intimidating to be jumping into such a huge arena with so many talented veterans in this business. I was nervous the first day of setting up not knowing exactly what to expect or if my vision of our booth would come together.

  It was a true blessing working side by side with Smoot. We make a great team! We dream big, work hard, and share a passion for living a creative life. After it was all said and done, I believe we held our own.

We could not have it done it without the help of so many people. We plan on posting details of each of those special people in an upcoming post. We want to highlight their talents and businesses in hopes that you all will have a chance to work with them as well.


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_09

Photo credit: Becki Griffin


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

We met so many people! Many we had seen or read about from blogs, social media, etc. To put a face and a personality to a name was priceless. The crowds were eclectic and fun!  It made each day go by so quickly.

VRT Marburger Oct 2013_21

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

Marburger Oct 2013 001

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

Marburger Oct 2013 075

Photo credit: Paige Hull

The entire process of preparing for the show tested our creativity and tenacity. We organized, cleaned and repaired the merchandise from Provence; designed the aprons and curtains from the French linen tablecloths we bought in France; re-branded the website; had The Vintage Round Top hang tags and pocket notebooks for interior designers/bloggers designed and printed; shot photos of the furniture/decor and designed/printed the new business flyer; traveled to Fredericksburg to meet with Tim and Carol on the design of the booth; tea stained, painted, and designed the French Vintage Circus theme tent décor (curtains, scallops, flags, bunting, etc) and had it handmade. It was a huge undertaking, but we loved every minute of it.

 eisley mar 10-13 002

 Photo credit:  Smoot Hull

eisley mar 10-13 003

  Photo credit: Paige Hull

The best part was getting to share this new venture with our children. They were excited to get to roam the tents in search of the perfect “find” for themselves. They each received a specific amount of pay for the work they put into our “family business”.

It was a great education for them. First, they got to witness the hard work and dedication it takes to start a new business. Second, they got to learn a huge amount of history and providence behind many of the antique items they were interested in buying.

The experience stretched their people skills, taught them how to handle bits of boredom, and allowed us to spend time together working on a common cause.


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_11

Photo credit:  Becki Griffin

VRT Marburger Oct2013-07

Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT 11

Photo credit: Jake Brown

I’d only been a “shopper” before. Now, having been a "vendor", I see the amazing amount of blood, sweat, and tears, time and money that goes into putting together these booths.  For months before, we worked our fingers to the bone, round the clock - but learned so much, had a blast, and found out what we Hull's can do when we put our minds and hearts to something.

We’re planning to be back in Spring – this time with a few lessons under our belt. We'll do some things the same and some things differently. The one thing we’ll do for sure - is continue to move towards our dreams and goals. It's scary, exhilarating, complicated, and hard work. But, it makes us happy and feeds our souls!

Where it all started

Paige Hull

God has a way....

of bringing sunshine after rain,  joy after sorrow,  light after dark!

Our story starts over seven years ago when hard times fell upon us when a business partnership failed. In trying to do the "right thing", we packed up our one year old and three-year old and temporarily said good-bye to Smoot's daughter who was eleven at the time. We headed to Florida for a year. At the time, life's lessons were hard. But, we had our health and each other. So, we did what we had to do.  Those hard times turned out to have many blessings attached.

One of those blessings came in a sweet angel who had been our children's babysitter before. She had just moved from Alabama to marry our next door neighbor's son. She ended up renting our house for the year we were gone. I flew home a couple of times to visit my Mom and was able to stay in our house for a few days here and there.


That is where one of those blessings began. Jill is a very talented mixed-media artist. The first time I came back to visit, I was mesmerized by all of her supplies, found objects, and completed pieces she had in our house. It all spoke to me! Even though we were on lean times, I bought a few basic art supplies to help pass the time with the kids. Once we got back on our feet and back in our house, I had found my passion. I invested in better supplies, took workshops, and set up a home studio.

My asthetic was definite from the beginning - anything yellowed, torn, or tattered. So, naturally I shopped for bits and pieces at estate sales,  flea markets, and at the Round Top Antique Fair twice a year.  My family was very patient with my quests. We'd plan vacations and get away's around flea markets whenever we traveled. I was hooked on the hunt! I had found my calling - I could see an object and determine how it could be transformed into something else and how to give it new life.

So, on that fateful day three years ago when I passed by "Old Henry's Farm" antique show in Round Top, Texas on my way home - it started the ball rolling for the beginning of The Vintage Round Top. That vivid vision I had of our own "show" on the front of our "own property" - I believe was a blessing from God.

The amazing people and places we've come across since this path opened up to us, has been nothing but spectacular! But those people are for another blog. This one is for Jill!


Jill has since married our next door neighbor's son, had an adorable baby girl named Stella Rae, and opened Stella Rae Vintage. You can see her kitschy finds on her etsy page and visit her blog on We hope you will check out her on-line store, shop her booth in Warrenton next Spring, and follow her blog. She has more God-given talent than anyone I know. She sews, she paints, she creates!! Her heart is made of gold.



stella rae 2 002

stella rae 2 001



stella rae 2 003

We can't thank her enough for the inspiration she's provided us, the love she has shared with our children and ourselves, and the sunshine she brings to this earth every day.

We love you Jill!


Paige Hull



Tomorrow will be 5 years since my Mom passed away. The words still sound impossible.

She was a crafter, a baker, and an amazing cook. She kept Hallmark in business! She always remembered special occasions and kept up with friends through sending cards and baked goods.

At our recent photo shoot with Haylei Smith, we captured the essence of my Mom. We used her pie crust recipe as our back drop.

I know she would be proud and excited about the new adventures in our lives.

It's fitting we will be in Marbuger on Sunday.

She will be there with me - through the lessons she taught me, the creativity she instilled in me, and the love she gave me.

I miss and love you Mom!








Paige Hull

It's been a while...


I took the summer off from blogging to spend time with our family, to travel, and to prepare. I thought I would have started back already, however it's been a whirlwind the last four weeks getting ready for Marburger Farms. Just the words coming out of my mouth make me giddy, bring tears to my eyes, and happiness to my soul.

Marburger Farms and Round Top Antiques Fair in general was a place that I shopped, that I gained inspiration, that I looked forward to every six months. The thought that Smoot and I will be showing our furniture, decor, and handcrafted items in two weeks time at this very place is, well - mind-blowing to say the least!

I have so much to share about the process and will, once we get through this next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I'm sharing a few of the shots we took two weeks ago of our offerings from Provence. We could not have pulled it off with out the help of Haylei Smith, our precious and super talented photographer; her amazing mother, Cindy Culberth, who helped put together almost all of  the handcrafted items and booth decor; Phil and Stephanie Arnett that own Summer Street Studios, the ultra cool warehouse where these shots were taken; and Monica Pope from Sparrow Bar & Cookshop who supplied the most beautiful and tasty food for the lifestyle shots - which will be shown in a post by itself.

We thank God for the many blessings he's bestowed on us. We've been gifted to use our creativity, work together, and include our children in our passion for this new venture. Our hearts are full!