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 A haven for hip and unique lodging, Home rental, Antique, European and vintage shopping. inspired living that marries style, sustainability, and soul. We invite you to shop our worldly treasures, stay in our Round Top, TX home rental, and follow our journey as we aspire to live "A Modern Vintage Life." 

The Vintage Round Top

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Paige Hull


Marburger Farms Fall Antique Show 2013

I'm finally posting about our amazing experience at Marburger Farms. We've had so much going on since then. This is the first chance I've had to sit and write about it.

 We were the new kids on the block and were lucky enough to land within a group of vendors that were so kind and supportive. We learned so much from each and every one of them.

Ashley, Tara, and the entire Marburger staff made us feel welcome and were also incredibly helpful and encouraging.

 Marburger Oct 2013 017

Photo credit: Paige Hull


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT MarburgerOct2013_04

Photo credit: Becki Griffin


Photo credit:  Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_06

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

It was intimidating to be jumping into such a huge arena with so many talented veterans in this business. I was nervous the first day of setting up not knowing exactly what to expect or if my vision of our booth would come together.

  It was a true blessing working side by side with Smoot. We make a great team! We dream big, work hard, and share a passion for living a creative life. After it was all said and done, I believe we held our own.

We could not have it done it without the help of so many people. We plan on posting details of each of those special people in an upcoming post. We want to highlight their talents and businesses in hopes that you all will have a chance to work with them as well.


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_09

Photo credit: Becki Griffin


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

We met so many people! Many we had seen or read about from blogs, social media, etc. To put a face and a personality to a name was priceless. The crowds were eclectic and fun!  It made each day go by so quickly.

VRT Marburger Oct 2013_21

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

Marburger Oct 2013 001

Photo credit: Becki Griffin

Marburger Oct 2013 075

Photo credit: Paige Hull

The entire process of preparing for the show tested our creativity and tenacity. We organized, cleaned and repaired the merchandise from Provence; designed the aprons and curtains from the French linen tablecloths we bought in France; re-branded the website; had The Vintage Round Top hang tags and pocket notebooks for interior designers/bloggers designed and printed; shot photos of the furniture/decor and designed/printed the new business flyer; traveled to Fredericksburg to meet with Tim and Carol on the design of the booth; tea stained, painted, and designed the French Vintage Circus theme tent décor (curtains, scallops, flags, bunting, etc) and had it handmade. It was a huge undertaking, but we loved every minute of it.

 eisley mar 10-13 002

 Photo credit:  Smoot Hull

eisley mar 10-13 003

  Photo credit: Paige Hull

The best part was getting to share this new venture with our children. They were excited to get to roam the tents in search of the perfect “find” for themselves. They each received a specific amount of pay for the work they put into our “family business”.

It was a great education for them. First, they got to witness the hard work and dedication it takes to start a new business. Second, they got to learn a huge amount of history and providence behind many of the antique items they were interested in buying.

The experience stretched their people skills, taught them how to handle bits of boredom, and allowed us to spend time together working on a common cause.


Photo credit: Haylei Smith


Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT Marburger Oct2013_11

Photo credit:  Becki Griffin

VRT Marburger Oct2013-07

Photo credit: Haylei Smith

VRT 11

Photo credit: Jake Brown

I’d only been a “shopper” before. Now, having been a "vendor", I see the amazing amount of blood, sweat, and tears, time and money that goes into putting together these booths.  For months before, we worked our fingers to the bone, round the clock - but learned so much, had a blast, and found out what we Hull's can do when we put our minds and hearts to something.

We’re planning to be back in Spring – this time with a few lessons under our belt. We'll do some things the same and some things differently. The one thing we’ll do for sure - is continue to move towards our dreams and goals. It's scary, exhilarating, complicated, and hard work. But, it makes us happy and feeds our souls!

Where it all started

Paige Hull

God has a way....

of bringing sunshine after rain,  joy after sorrow,  light after dark!

Our story starts over seven years ago when hard times fell upon us when a business partnership failed. In trying to do the "right thing", we packed up our one year old and three-year old and temporarily said good-bye to Smoot's daughter who was eleven at the time. We headed to Florida for a year. At the time, life's lessons were hard. But, we had our health and each other. So, we did what we had to do.  Those hard times turned out to have many blessings attached.

One of those blessings came in a sweet angel who had been our children's babysitter before. She had just moved from Alabama to marry our next door neighbor's son. She ended up renting our house for the year we were gone. I flew home a couple of times to visit my Mom and was able to stay in our house for a few days here and there.


That is where one of those blessings began. Jill is a very talented mixed-media artist. The first time I came back to visit, I was mesmerized by all of her supplies, found objects, and completed pieces she had in our house. It all spoke to me! Even though we were on lean times, I bought a few basic art supplies to help pass the time with the kids. Once we got back on our feet and back in our house, I had found my passion. I invested in better supplies, took workshops, and set up a home studio.

My asthetic was definite from the beginning - anything yellowed, torn, or tattered. So, naturally I shopped for bits and pieces at estate sales,  flea markets, and at the Round Top Antique Fair twice a year.  My family was very patient with my quests. We'd plan vacations and get away's around flea markets whenever we traveled. I was hooked on the hunt! I had found my calling - I could see an object and determine how it could be transformed into something else and how to give it new life.

So, on that fateful day three years ago when I passed by "Old Henry's Farm" antique show in Round Top, Texas on my way home - it started the ball rolling for the beginning of The Vintage Round Top. That vivid vision I had of our own "show" on the front of our "own property" - I believe was a blessing from God.

The amazing people and places we've come across since this path opened up to us, has been nothing but spectacular! But those people are for another blog. This one is for Jill!


Jill has since married our next door neighbor's son, had an adorable baby girl named Stella Rae, and opened Stella Rae Vintage. You can see her kitschy finds on her etsy page and visit her blog on We hope you will check out her on-line store, shop her booth in Warrenton next Spring, and follow her blog. She has more God-given talent than anyone I know. She sews, she paints, she creates!! Her heart is made of gold.

stella rae 2 002
stella rae 2 002
stella rae 2 001
stella rae 2 001
stella rae 2 003
stella rae 2 003

We can't thank her enough for the inspiration she's provided us, the love she has shared with our children and ourselves, and the sunshine she brings to this earth every day.

We love you Jill!


Paige Hull


Tomorrow will be 5 years since my Mom passed away. The words still sound impossible.

She was a crafter, a baker, and an amazing cook. She kept Hallmark in business! She always remembered special occasions and kept up with friends through sending cards and baked goods.

At our recent photo shoot with Haylei Smith, we captured the essence of my Mom. We used her pie crust recipe as our back drop.

I know she would be proud and excited about the new adventures in our lives.

It's fitting we will be in Marbuger on Sunday.

She will be there with me - through the lessons she taught me, the creativity she instilled in me, and the love she gave me.

I miss and love you Mom!



Paige Hull




iphone 1-30-2012 068

If you were given the "pickin' gene", you know the feeling of exhilaration you have when your eyes land on something that speaks to you.  At that moment you are not exactly sure of what it will become, you just know that you have to have it.  Smoot and I found these three cow feed sifters at Abbieland (right next to Marburger) last year.  At first we did not know their original purpose until they explained that they were used to sift impurities out of cow feed.  The grains would start with the largest hole and then work their way through the medium and then the smallest.


We decided they would work great as sconces above the daybed. We had 4 brackets welded to the back of them so they could hang. Since they were the same shape but had three different hole sizes, I added the fringed burlap to each to create balance and symmetry.  We opted to purchased inexpensive black metal patio wall lights for the light source since they would be hidden for the most part.


We love the idea that there are no other sconces exactly like these. It's an example of utilizing materials that would otherwise end up in a land fill and with a little creativity can become something totally unique. The Vintage Round Top is filled with reclaimed lighting, furniture, and accessories. Our hope is that guests will be inspired to make or buy one-of-a-kind pieces. Not only do they provide great conversation fodder, but they help in the effort to keep our planet Green.


This little corner is one of the most favored areas in The Vintage Round Top.  People always comment about the daybed and sconces.

So, be on the look out for interesting materials that you could turn into a light, a daybed, a table or buy from artisans or companies that offer these unique items already made.

Each piece has a history with a new chapter being created.

What's one of your exhilarating finds?

The 1st, 3rd, and 5th photos were taken by Christa Elyce. The 4th photo was taken by Haylei Culberth.


Paige Hull

This picture was taken on the last day of the trip in the town of Uzes. It holds a special place in my heart.


My trip to Provence was many things; a leisure vacation was not one of them.  I was there to learn, to work, to start a new business.  My only regret was that Smoot was not on this part of the venture with me.  He stayed home to take care of our children and our construction business.  I am blessed to work with the love of my life and to share this dream of developing a new and creative business together.

This trip took me way out of my comfort zone. I was flying by myself to France, staying with a group of people I had never met, and beginning "hands on training" with the Boltons in the big boy league of antiquing. There was a time I may not have jumped off that cliff, but those days are over. I turned 50 this past March and as Richard M. DeVos said,

  • "The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible."

 Our digs were amazing. Pure Provence. The house was new but made to look old. It was a reminder of what a homeowner's imagination, reclaimed materials and a contractor can do together.  The weather was like California - crisp and nippy in the mornings and evenings, warm and sunny during the day.

This is our fearless leader Mary, from Vagabond, her French side kick Isabella , and the rest of our shopping tour gang. I couldn't think of a better group of people to have shared this experience with.

Tim and Carol Bolton were pure artistry in motion. What an amazing opportunity to walk side by side with two of the most loving, spiritual, creative, and successful people in general and in the industry. They are true pioneers, innovators,  and leaders. Tim's business experience along with Carol's vision and taste have built a reputation, following, and name that is revered.   I learned.  I laughed.  I cried.  I will forever have the memory and lessons from this life changing experience.

Mac and Gussie! What beautiful, kind, and gracious spirits these children are. They helped me so much throughout the trip. But more than that, they added a "light" to our experience that was unexpected.  I missed my own children so immensely while I was gone.  It was a sweet reminder of  how much children bring to our lives.

My first purchase of the trip.  Learning the ropes of "the biz".

Waiting in a sea of other eager buyers.  This was not for sissies!

 Some of my favorite purchases!

Our 2 hour drive to "work" each day provided acres of delicious sensory overload!  The country was more beautiful than I anticipated.

The visual inspiration was endless.



We pulled over to take this photo on our way back from one of the shows. It was too poetic to pass up.   

Smoot and I volunteered in the children's service last week. It had been a few weeks since I had the opportunity to go to church. I was excited to be in with the kids but was also feeling a need to be in the main sanctuary. As God has a way of doing, the kid's topic was exactly what I needed at that moment.  Patience is waiting until later for something you want now.  Wait and listen to God as he has something even better in store for you. Well, those words could not have come at a better time.  We had a good news/bad news situation on our hands. The good news is the construction company we own is having a record quarter and we are inundated with work. The bad news is that while we are blessed with the success of our construction company, the building that Smoot and I have been planning for the front of The Vintage Round Top would have to be put on hold. Thus, we are faced with the decision of where we will feature our amazing finds from Provence at the Round Top Antique Fall Show. Once we know, we'll get the word out to everyone. Until then, I will bask in the amazing memories from my time in Provence and dream of what our future holds and what God has in store for us that is bigger and better than what we could ever think of.

What is your dream?




Paige Hull

In my haste of getting my blog out before I left, I used photos that were taken of Carol and Tim' s store but did not know the proper way to credit them. As technology can prove to be tricky while in another country, I am unable to edit my previous post until I return home.

In the mean time I'd like to give the very talented ladies that took these shots the proper credit.  The 1st photo I am still unaware of. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate you sending me a message. The 2nd shot was taken byAnne Lorys of Fiona and Twig, the 4rth photo was taken by Jana Perenchio of Brown Eyed Girl, the last shot was taken by Carol.

I'm a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due!! I'd like to thank these ladies for the use of their work and encourage you to look them up!!


Paige Hull

      Dreams Can Come True

I'm catching a plane in 6 hours to Provence, France to meet Tim and Carol Bolton on an antique buying trip. If that isn't a dream come true, I don't know what is.

 When Smoot and I decided to open a small storefront on our proprety in Round Top, we were thinking mostly reclaimed furniture and objects either made or acquired from estate sales, flea markets, etc... We had a chance meeting with Tim Bolton of Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities that opened our eyes to a completely different realm of the market. He and his wife Carol and their 2 children travel to Europe two to four times a year searching for truly unique one-of-a-kind pieces for their amazing store in Fredericksburg, Texas.

 After our meeting, we decided to hire Tim as a business consultant/mentor and learn from the masters!! It just so happened that he, Carol, his children, as well as a small group of shopping enthusiasts were scheduled to go on a buying trip with Mary Baskin of Vagabond. I signed on the dotted line and the rest they say is history!

 Mack, me, and Tim in Round Top Spring 2013

I thank God first and foremost for health, for Smoot, our children and our family, and for this amazing opportunity! My dream is coming true!!

Stay tuned for details on our new and exciting journey!!

Photos used on this blog are photo 2 Anne Lorys, photo 4 Jana Perenchio, and photo 5 Carol Hicks Bolton

check out:


Paige Hull


We were turned on to a beautiful on-line design magazine called Standard. However, it is anything but standard. Its editorial director and founder, Kelly LaPlante and publisher, Kelly Truesdell lead a group of young and hip staff members to produce a bi-monthly feast for your eyes. The magazine is based out of Austin, Texas and features local artists, gives trend predictions, and delivers crisp content that inspires. You can see the magazine at The printed version can be purchased from their new publishing partner,

I had the pleaseure of working with Kelly, Kelly, and company last month when photographer Kirsten Kaiser took photos of Standard's staff at both The Vintage Round Top and The Prairie. It was such a fun shoot, each staffer was impressive. I loved all of their energy and style. A few were interns which reminded me of my agency days. We use to seek new talent and give them opportunities like Kelly is doing now.

The new March-April 2013 issue is called OLD IS NEW. Here are some of the tears that were taken at The Vintage Round Top (the first two were taken at The Prairie). You can click on the link to see the full article.  

Some of the behind the scenes photos:

Standard and Blurb threw a fabulous brunch at Swift's Attic in Austin to launch their new partnership and the Old is New issue. We appreciate both Kelly's for including us in the brunch and the magazine! Also, many thanks to Donna Parker for introducing us to Standard and for all the support and inspiration she has given us. You can read about her and see her amazing Round Top compound in the same issue.


Paige Hull

The Blessings of Many...

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a great 2012 and will have an even better 2013. We had a significant year with a lot to be thankful for. After health and love of family, the blessing of our new home rental business tops the list.


We thank God for all things....especially the direction he lead us in this past year. We found the "right" property with homeowners that were kind and easy to work with. Next, we renovated the home with one of the foreman from our construction business, State Contractors, LLCMike added a lot of great ideas and was able to capture the vision we had for the project. Smoot and I were able to use our creativity and learned a lot in the process.

We could not have done it without the help of the Round Top community. There are so many people to thank. Frank Hillbolt, Carol Nagel, Danny Reibling, Diane and Robbie Tovey, Beverly Corte, Deb Taylor, Matt Hagar, Lenore Prudhomme, Melissa Newbould, Elisa Henderson, Wayne Rentfro, Donna Parker, John Petty, Winnie Mauch, Vickie and Hank Davis,Susan and Hector, Deb Durgen, Paul Swonke, and countless vendors that we purchased their finds to use during the renovations and to make our furniture and lighting.

We also want to thank the many talented people that we gained inspiration from. One, very important person, was Gail Reike. Her studio suitcase wall that was featured in Where Women Create, touched a cord and provided the vision for our own suitcase wall. Pinterest, magazine tears, and scores of amazingly talented people helped fuel our creativity.


The photo teams were also a critical component. Many thanks to Natalie Dawley of Two Be Wed, Christa Elyce Photography, Jen Marine Makeup/Hair, Thalio Beckham Makeup/Hair, Debbie Porter Photography, Tonya Riner Makeup/Hair, James Waters Stylist. A very special thank you to Jerry Carrow for his help in getting our initial print materials designed and printed. Haylei Lauren is now added to our list as she is currently working with us to revamp our brand and promo materials.

We also received encouragement from so many. John and Robin Brown from Magnolia Pearl, Tara and Rick Steele and Bud Royer from Royers Cafe, Marianne Hambrick from the Chamber of Commerce, Linda Hamilton, Daniel and Mary Lou Marks, Debbie Byers, Rachel Ashwell, Marie Gary, and Kim Thweatt from The Prairie, Holly Moore and Jim Kastelman of PaperCity Magazine, Molly Glentzer from the Houston Chronicle, Jolie Sikes from The Junk Gypsies, Emma Lee Turney, Susan Fox, and most importantly from our friends and family.


I know I will inevitably forget someone on these lists and if I do, I am deeply sorry. We know we would not be where we are after one year without the generous help and support we received from so many. Our main thanks goes to God for the many blessings he continually provides for us. Without him, none of this would matter.


Paige Hull

Family Memories

In Our Hearts and On Film


Having worked at a modeling agency for the first 22 years of my career, it was natural that I gravitated towards elaborate photo sessions for my family. It all began ten years ago, right after I left Page Parkes Models to become a full time Mom. It was the first Christmas after we had Pierce. We hired Debbie Porter, a fashion photographer and good friend to capture our family. Pierce was four months old, Cameron was five. We still have photos of the two of them on our wall from that shoot.  Debbie and I collaborated on how to achieve an artsy result.  We chose a black background and black clothing to contrast our blonde hair. I remember looking at them the first time and being filled with joy. Our family was growing and we had beautiful photographs to remember that slightly hectic day by. We did not know it would become a Hull tradition each year...but we are glad that it did!


Our 2012 Family Christmas Card

Ten years later, Debbie is still taking our family photos. We decided to take them at The Vintage Round Top this year. It was a great opportunity to spend an afternoon together in the beautiful country. It also allowed us to include our new venture in the Christmas card that we send to our friends and family.

We invited Tonya Riner, also a good friend and an amazing hair & makeup artist as well as James Waters to help style the shoot. We had another reason to bring James to Round Top...but that's for another post.

Over 20 years ago, the three of us all worked together at Page Parkes Models. It was a warm and wonderful experience to work together again and we got some really fun shots to mark 2012 by.

James Waters, Tonya Riner, Debbie Porter


Subsequently, Debbie was asked to do a segment on KHOU's Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan about Christmas family photo sessions. She asked us to participate since we had so many years of examples to show. The kids were understandably excited to be "on TV" and more excited that they got to skip about two hours of school. These are our past two years of Christmas cards that were shown.   


We took these shots in our breakfast nook. Poor Cameron was a huge trooper. She had come down with a virus the night before and had a slight fever. You would never know it from the pictures. This was one of our favorite cards.



We shot these in Debbie's loft studio near downtown Houston. We had decided to get a little more dressy than ususal but go barefoot. In the middle of the shoot, Debbie turned on the fan. Needless to say, we got a lot of "feedback" for our wind-blown look. It was not part of our original plan but that's the fun of collaborating. You never know what you are going to get until you see the film.

So, the moral of the story is...our kids will some day look back at our cards and remember what was going on in our lives at the time... and what color and style their crazy, over the top Mom had chosen for that year.  

Smoot and I will look back on them and remember every detail of our beautful children's lives and reflect on how blessed we were to call one another family.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year!


Paige Hull

DFW 1947-2004


As I mentioned in the previous post, Smoot and I have met some amazing people in Round Top. Many that seem like they will be life-long friends. One of those people is a super creative and very sweet woman named Donna. She seems heaven sent…for many reasons.

She told us about a bridge just outside of Round Top that we should take the kids to. She described it as an old, one-car bridge with a plaque on it that has the inscription "DFW 1947 - 2004". The story of the bridge seemed mystical. It was DFW's favorite spot to fish. Legend has it that he caught the biggest fish in the region. He spent many a day there. His family had the plaque made and attached the day they spread his ashes from "his" bridge.


If that story were not enough, a while back Donna began an equally mystical happening on that same bridge. She began hiding notes for others to find. When people began to hear about it, they would go to find them and hide their own notes in response.

Our children heard this story and began to imagine this “old fashion” communication system with no wires, cell towers, or buttons. They were intrigued, as were we. The first go round, we could not find the bridge. Not for lack of trying. We saw a lot of territory we had never seen before. Our daughter was understandably sad and disappointed when we informed her we were heading back home and would have to look for it the next time around.

Well, if you have children you will know that they do not remember to make their bed or fold their clothes but if something intrigues them…their memories are steel traps. As we anticipated, we were asked incessantly to try to find this magical bridge Miss Donna had told us about. Our next go at it, we found “the bridge”. It was more magical than we expected.


After exploring and taking in the beauty, it was off to the task of writing notes and figuring how to attach them to the bridge.  We took our pictures and went on our way.


On our return to Round Top the next weekend, I prepared to explain that this “fable” would most likely not result in a note back. It was a neat fairy tale but not to be disappointed if our letters were still there. We drove up and saw our notes were still where they had been left. My heart sank as I had half bought into the story.

They both ran to look at them. When they began to scream and jump up and down, I had to take a step back. Upon closer inspection…there were new notes. One addressed to our daughter and one addressed to our son.


Smoot and I could not believe it…nor could they. This wonderful “old fashioned” town had a pen-pal bridge with a plaque named after a man that caught the biggest fish in the region. I didn’t think we could love this town any more than we did…but I was wrong.


Paige Hull

Minks, Martinis, and Manure

The Round Top Chamber of Commerce Gala Honoring Emma Lee Turney

Photos courtesy of David Stall

Bud Royer, Emma Lee Turney

Round Top Magic...

The Vintage Round Top was recently involved with the Round Top Chamber of Commerce Gala honoring Emma Lee Turney. What started out as an informal offer to help Tara Royer-Steele, the gala chairperson, became a role as part of the gala committee.  At the time, we did not know the impact this opportunity to serve our new community would make on us. Throughout the meetings, set up and execution of the event, it brought new friendships, enriched existing ones, and provided insights as to how this magical town of Round Top came to be.

Emma Lee Turney, Danny Riebling

Frank Hillbolt

Canvas painted by Deb Taylor

Emma Lee Turney is…frankly how the magic of the Round Top Antique Market got its start. She was a true pioneer. I never knew the history of Round Top before. While pinning articles to the wall for an homage area at the Rifle Hall, I read the amazing story of this town that we have come to love.

To think had Emma not been approached by Hazel Ledbetter and Faith Bybee to try out a one-day antique vendor tent, most of the business owners, including ourselves, would not exist. 45 years ago she started the first antique fair with 22 dealers and approx 1500 shoppers, with Ima Hogg being first in line. Today there are approx 2500 dealers and some say over 50-75,000 shoppers.  You can see a more detailed article here

Emma's interesting and witty speech at the gala was heart-warming and funny. It was wonderful to see a lifetime of passionate work be honored.


Our little cowgirl

Rick Steele, Tara Royer-Steele, Rich and Elizabeth Tooley

Our Family

Enriching existing friendships...

We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the Royer’s over this past year. We have been in awe of their family in so many ways. Their business is run by “family” -- Bud the patriarch still greets his customers one by one as they pass by his “throne” at the threshold of the restaurant. Tara, the Queen of the business, her husband Rick, brothers JB, Todd, and Micah along with their staff all work as a cohesive unit that produce amazing results. Beyond the success of their business, they also have huge hearts. Their most recent project served the devastated residents that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can read more about it at:

Tara did an amazing job of chairing this event. Her creativity and drive proved to be a winning combination. I got to see first-hand why this dynamo of a woman is so successful! We feel blessed to call she and her family our friends.


Emma with the The Round Top Chamber Board

Bud Royer, Kathy Orr

Marianne Hambrick, Linda Stall

Live Auction

The youngest Junk Gypsy starts early!

Our cowboy and cowgirl!

New friendships...

Smoot and I met some really wonderful people at the gala and throughout the gala committee process. We determined that we know more people in Round Top, Texas after one year than we do in Houston after thirty years.  It is truly a magical place where people have the spirit of “if I help you and you help me, we will all do well and Round Top will thrive”.  The town is mixed with locals and transplants that have chosen to settle here or at least spend their weekends here. Many artist types, creative people, generous hearts, kindred spirits, and (did I mention) creative people?

So, I called this post “Feels Like Family”. What a blessing for our family to have stumbled onto this piece of paradise. I thank God every day for this opportunity!  We hope that if you have not experienced Round Top yet, that you will someday soon. For those that have, we hope you will visit again and again!


Going to the chapel...

Paige Hull

A Styled Wedding Shoot

The Vintage Round Top collaborated on a styled photo shoot that was featured on the wedding blog Style Me Pretty. The "pre-ceremony" shots were taken at The Vintage Round Top. The "ceremony/reception" shots were taken at Rachel Ashwell’s The Prairie. We battled rain and Texas heat throughout the day but persevered to get some beautiful images. I've posted some additional shots that were taken at The Vintage that day.


We had so much fun working on this project. It brought me back to my modeling agency days. Styling and coordinating shoots was one of the most favorite things I did when I ran Page Parkes Models.

Our goal in putting this project together was to gain exposure for The Vintage Round Top to the wedding industry. We targeted Style Me Pretty due to their amazing style and overwhelming following. They receive 16.5 million page views a month. Abby Larson is the editor and founder of this over the top successful blog. We are honored that our collaborative shoot was featured on her site. Click on the link to view the post.

A tremendous amount of time and effort was put into each detail of the shoot. We worked with some super talented individuals and every one delivered 1000%.  In addition to the list below, we'd like to thank the models that participated.
Photography: Christa Elyce Photography / Photo Shoot Venues: The Vintage Round Top and The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell in Round Top, Texas / Event Design: Two Be Wed / Floral Design: Tamara Menges Designs / Paper Floral Design: Paper Floral Artistry / Wedding Cake: The Bake Shoppe / Stationery: PH Design Shop / Vintage Rentals: Recollection Vintage Rentals /  Wedding Dress: Watters “Gabrielle” via Mia Bridal Couture / Bridesmaids’ Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry + Accessories: BHLDN / Stylist: Haili Pue of All Ze Details / Hair + Makeup: Thalio Beckham Makeup Artistry + Jessica Garza / Men’s Suits: Bill Reid.


"Our" models!

All three of our children were used as models that day. They had a blast and were big troopers for enduring the elements and the long day of shooting.

The Vintage Round Top has been rented for several weddings in the Round Top area so far. The house is a great place to stay for the wedding party and/or to use for the bride and groom on their wedding night. There are numerous locations for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready for the ceremony. Especially for hair and makeup as there is so much room and natural light available.

So, if wedding bells are in your future...give us a ring! We'd love to be a part of your special day.


What A Show!!

Paige Hull

Magnolia Pearl

Magnolia Pearl Fall 2012 Booth
Magnolia Pearl Fall 2012 Booth

 Magnolia Pearl's booth is like Christmas morning. You walk into the tent every six months with complete anticipation. You can't wait to see a glimpse of what they have created for the new show. Well, this year did not disappoint. The industrial edge of the booth decor with the soft color pallet and texture of the clothing was complete perfection!

Robin and John
Robin and John

John and Robin are an over the top creative team that oozes tranquility and peace. They have been very encouraging throughout the development of The Vintage Round Top.  We greatly appreciate their guidance and are truly humbled by their praise. Meeting people like the two of them are top of the list of reasons why we love this new venture so much.

Magnolia Pearl Clothing
Magnolia Pearl Clothing

The color and textures that the Magnolia Pearl line offers are delectible!  They are stacked together with blends of soft, muted tones. Silky and nubby textures mixed together that delight the eye!

iphone Round Top 10-4-12 043
iphone Round Top 10-4-12 043
iphone Round Top 10-4-12 041
iphone Round Top 10-4-12 041

The tent mixture of metals, woods, hay, linen, feed sacks, car grills, pulleys, cupolas, industrial lighting, etc. = my new word "Farm-dustrial"!

iphone Round Top 10-4-12 044
iphone Round Top 10-4-12 044

The booth brings crowds to buy and to just look. I remember the first time I saw their booth. I was amidst some other on-lookers. All mystified at the beauty before our eyes. The amazing part was the amount of people in the booth to buy. So many wanting a piece of Magnolia Pearl magic! To get yours, vist them in Tent A at the Marburger Farm show.

To see more on this very cool company, go to

Hello World

Paige Hull

 Welcome to The Vintage Round Top

This past November, my husband Smoot and I, purchased and renovated the house we call The Vintage Round Top. It has been such a satisfying experience. One that we did not quite envision happening so quickly. However, from the start, each step of this journey has been serendipitous…a true blessing.

The project allowed us to use our creativity and pull from our past business experiences. We did a lot of the renovation work ourselves. The rest was done through our construction company, State Contractors, LLC. By using reclaimed materials, we were able to help the environment but also create an aesthetic that we love and hope our guests will enjoy.

A vintage typewriter sits on the writing desk in the main room. As pictured above, the paper in it has a message typed “Welcome to The Vintage! We hope you enjoy your stay”.  This is our sincere aim.

We created a space in which we hope our guests will find comfort and creative inspiration. A haven in which to commune with friends and family, or just each other.  Whatever the occasion, The Vintage Round Top has been a labor of love and we hope a refuge for many to come.

Should you find that you will be traveling to Round Top, we hope you will consider The Vintage Round Top to rest your head and rejuvenate your soul.

Until next time,

Paige Hull